All aspects of global development

I specialise in global development, which covers fields from education, health and migration to poverty, human rights and climate change. When dealing with sensitive topics, I am particularly careful to use politically correct and inclusive language when required. My experience of working with global development issues concentrates on the following three types of organisations:



Since 2010, I have primarily worked with international NGOs. I have considerable experience of translating external and internal communication documents for NGOs.

When translating for international NGOs, I work on a wide range of documents, from partner communications to press releases, campaign materials, blogs, newsletters and training manuals and e-modules.

I currently work with several NGOs with programmes in Latin America and I also do pro bono work for Translators Without Borders.

As part of my training in this field, I attended the renowned ‘Introduction to International Development’ course run by Bond, the UK membership body for NGOs working in international development. I also regularly take part in workshops on global issues and various sector-specific events, such as Bond’s Conference.



I am qualified to undertake journalistic and publishing projects related to global development, including in fields such as education, health, migration, poverty, human rights and climate change.

In addition to my degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I have four years’ experience as the editor of Noticias, a newspaper which used to be published for the Latin American community in the UK.



If you are planning to broaden your research audience to the Spanish-speaking world and share new knowledge with a range of stakeholders who could benefit from your findings, I can help by translating your reports. Whether you want to reach ordinary people, professionals, civil society organisations or the public sector, I can appropriately tailor your message.

Please see my Portfolio page for a sample of the reports that I have translated.


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